Ridgeway residential home aims to provide a high standard of care for all users and their families embracing a person centred approach of good care practice.

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Core Values

Residents are able to enjoy a secure, relaxed and homely environment to enable them to maintain optimum independence and choices .

All staff within the home are appropriately qualified through a formal programme involving staff planning, selection ,recruitment ,training and supervision interviews so insure that all resident and staff needs are met .

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process incorporates regular feedback sought through discussion, meetings and questionnaires from a combination of Residents staff and professionals.

Both management and staff are kept up-to-date with the latest initiatives and development in care practice.

Additional Facilities

In addition to the standard facilities provided for basic care and day to day living the following are provided to enhance the quality of life for residents:

  • Regular meetings of staff and residents
  • Physiotherapy , hair, nails and chaplaincy

Residents Needs

The care, wellbeing and comfort of residents are of prime importance.

Ridgeway Residential cares strive to preserve and maintain dignity, individuality and privacy within a caring atmosphere and ,in doing so, are sensitive to every changing need which may be medical/therapeutic(for physical and mental welfare), cultural ,psychological, spiritual, emotional or social.

To meet their needs residents are encouraged to participate in the formulation of their individual care plans, and where appropriate with the involvement of family and or friends.

Programmes of internal activities and external visits are designed to encourage alertness, self esteem and social interaction with other service users while maintaining core values of care .

Residents Rights

The rights of all are a continuos consideration in our philospy of care. All members of staff are familiar with our policy and procedure and we promote those rights through every aspectof the care we provide. Residents are encouraged to exercise their rights in full .

Privacy and Dignity

The changes and stress that are faced when first moving into a home are recognised. To minimise this, we promote the involvement of a 'family circle' for support. At the same time, we endeavour to maintain as much privacy and dignity as possible by:

Safety in the home

In order to maintain a safe and hazard free, as far as practicable, environment all members of staff participate in regular fire and safety training, in addition the following actions are taken:

Freedom of choice

It is recognised that every potential service user should have the opportunity to choose a home that will meet their needs and offer the care they require and that they should be given the opportunity to exercise their right of choice in all aspects of daily living.

To facilitate that choice we provide each potential service user with :
Brochure detailing specimen contract, policy and procedures including safeguarding and abuse alerts in addition to CQC complaints procedure.

Thank you for showing your interest

If there is any furher information you require please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registered Manager: Ms Alison Galling

Telephone and Fax: 01395 516205
Email: Ridgewayrh2@outlook.com